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Announcing our Procurement Agreement with University of California

By Jason Dewar | October 24, 2017

This morning we’re pleased to announce our procurement services contract with the University of California Office of the President. The five-year contract streamlines the purchasing process for facilities maintenance at each of the 10 campuses and five health systems included in the UC network.

As as company, we’re California native with deep experience in everything that goes into a major university energy management project – from parts for optimizing individual controllers, to controls contracting all the way up to complete master systems integrations for campuses with multiple buildings. We’ve seen that universities are often on the forefront of innovation for our industry and we’re really looking forward to the work we have underway with the University of California system.

Read the full press release on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch or wherever you get your business news.

*Photo of University of California San Diego campus, from UC San Diego Facebook page.

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