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Where to Find Us at Realcomm IBCon 2018

By Natalie Patton | May 22, 2018

We’re counting down the days until we converge on Las Vegas for another exciting and jam-packed Realcomm IBCon. This year is especially exciting for us because it marks the first time OTI is exhibiting. We’re a new company with a big history and an exciting future. We can’t wait to show you some of what we’ve been working on. We hope you won’t be able to miss us, because we’ll be right next to registration and badge pick-up, at Booth 153.


As in past years, Brian Turner will speak on several panels throughout the show, starting with the increasingly popular PreCon Smart Building Integrators Summit. “Dealing with a Changing Industry — Defining the Master Systems Integrator” takes place June 5 from 3:45-4:15 in Mont Royal 1. This continues a long-running discussion on what an MSI is and does in IoT buildings. We hope you’ll contribute to the conversation as well.

During the main Realcomm conference be sure to sit in Nolita 2 on June 6 from 2:15-3:15 for “Developing, Implementing and Maintaining a Building Network Strategy.” This one is straight out of our “IT, OT and business convergence” theme we’ve been exploring in different ways since our inception. It’s also something we work with every day, so we expect this to be a very informative discussion.

We’ll also be at the case study Showcase early on Thursday morning, showing off a GGP peak demand response program and an Infomart fully redundant, smart network control system.

Some other sessions we’re putting on our Realcomm show calendar:

“The Smart Building Technology Skills Gap”

“Location Services”

“Connected Multi-Dwelling Units and IoT”

“Understanding the complex relationship between tenant and landlord”

“Smart Buildings and Data Analytics — has reality lived up to the hype?”

See you in two weeks!


OTI News

OTI Acquires Ontai Managed IT Services Firm

By Natalie Patton | April 11, 2018

Today we announced our acquisition of Ontai Managed IT Services, continuing our expansion of team members and solutions across North America. This acquisition creates a singular buildings IoT umbrella under which OTI will grow a robust suite of managed services.


“We’re thrilled to announce this acquisition,” OTI President Brian Turner says in the press release. “To have trusted and knowledgeable IT wizards working side-by-side with our existing team of OT building experts will prove invaluable for our new and existing building projects.”

As we build out our managed services portfolio we will update our website and documents so keep in touch!

OTI News

Thrilled to welcome Rob Vandenberg as Director of Managed Services to OTI

By Brian Turner | February 15, 2018


This week we announced the latest new member of our team. Rob Vandenberg joins to build out our managed services. He comes to us from the airline industry, where he developed a leading software platform for asset and maintenance management.

Read details about Rob and why we’re so excited to have him on our team in the press release. Share your own warm wishes with Rob on LinkedIn and keep up with OTI on the go by signing up for our newsletter. February edition coming soon!

OTI News

Announcing our NYSERDA RTEM qualification

By Matt White | February 6, 2018

NYSERDA RTEM for smart buildings in New York state

OTI is pleased to announce that we are officially a systems provider for the NYSERDA RTEM program – New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s Real-Time Energy Management.

Joining the list of leading contractors for energy management solutions, we are now able to offer clients access to supplemental funding for qualified building automation system projects.

Read our announcement in the news.

Here’s why we’re excited about this:

  • For building owners, NYSERDA can support up to 30 percent of the cost for real time energy management projects.
  • A NYSERDA-approved RTEM system includes fault detection, fault diagnostics, predictive analytics and performance optimization.
  • According to the program, real-time energy management projects can return 15-30 percent energy savings per year by making up for the 30-60 day lag time for utility bills.

NYSERDA RTEM includes a rigorous verification process. Reviewers work to determine each vendor’s ability to install, integrate and operate new building automation systems. The goal is to present contractors who have proven energy management and optimization capabilities. NYSERDA re-verifies contractors every four years to ensure systems still performing to current real-time energy management standards.

As we complete projects in NYC, we plan to share stories of building owners who take advantage of RTEM. Check back on this blog for those stories throughout the year.




OTI News

Announcing our Procurement Agreement with University of California

By Jason Dewar | October 24, 2017

University of California San Diego

This morning we’re pleased to announce our procurement agreement with the University of California Office of the President. The five-year contract streamlines the purchasing process for facilities at each of the 10 campuses. The five health systems in the UC network are also part of this procurement agreement.

As as company, we’re California native. We have deep experience with  university energy management projects – from individual controllers and contracting to master systems integrations for campuses with multiple buildings. We know universities are often on the forefront of innovation for our industry. With that, we’re looking forward to the work we have underway with the University of California system.

Read the full press release on our procurement agreement with the University of California system on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch or wherever you get your business news.

*Photo of University of California San Diego campus, from UC San Diego Facebook page.

OTI News

OTI Nominated for Systems Integrator of the Year

By Natalie Patton | October 9, 2017

In their five years of recognizing outstanding building automation products and businesses, the Control Trends Awards have become an exciting annual event that brings the industry together to celebrate innovation and congratulate colleagues for a successful year. Part of the fun is the voting process that takes place online in the months leading up to the live ceremony. Voting opened in September this year and OTI was surprised and honored to see that we made the short list for Systems Integrator of the Year.

OTI itself is only a year old, but we’ve been growing at breakneck speed, with integration projects in luxury shopping malls, high-end data centers and commercial office buildings around the country. If you’re familiar with our work and like what we do, please vote for us. You must vote in all 27 categories. The good news: you’ll encounter some truly outstanding products and companies.

This time around, the Control Trends Awards ceremony will take place in the middle of the AHR Expo in Chicago on January 21 at the Chicago Hard Rock Hotel. Details on tickets will be available soon.

OTI News

Exploring the Intelligent Building Boom in Mexico City

By Natalie Patton | September 5, 2017

When Realcomm wanted to explore the intelligent building boom in Mexico City, they turned to OTI and our client Grupo Cinsa for a look inside the new developments across the city that is home to more than 20 million people. Staff writer Tina Danielsen asks “Are Mexico City’s intelligent buildings raising the bar globally?” and found that the answer is yes, as long as an integrated building management system is involved. Read the story on our website’s newly published News page.

OTI News

Brian Turner Announces Launch of OTI for Leading-Edge Automation Solutions

By Natalie Patton | October 24, 2016

PLEASANT HILL, Calif., Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Brian Turner, known for his role as President of Controlco, announces the launch of OTI, created from the Systems Integration team of that established building automation distributor. Brian Turner, along with Clint Bradford, VP of Project Operations, and Jason Dewar, VP of Sales, will begin an ongoing transition with existing integration customers that will ultimately streamline workflow and enhance technological adaptability.

“The creation of OTI allows us to focus on comprehensive integration projects that utilize the best hardware and software available in our industry to help our customers take full advantage of the Internet of Things,” Brian Turner, now President of OTI, said.

As a purely operational technology integrator, OTI will focus on selecting the correct products for all applications and implementing those products into a building’s life cycle in a harmonious way.

“By spinning off from Controlco, our dedicated OTI sales and implementation teams can offer total solutions for all building and energy management needs while the Controlco teams can focus on their distribution partnerships,” said Clint Bradford who will oversee new and existing projects at OTI.

“We see OTI as the best way to get buildings performing at optimal levels and providing the best experience to occupants and tenants,” said Jason Dewar who brings his extensive product expertise to the OTI team.

Moving forward, OTI’s integrations will aim to increase energy savings, provide the highest level of network security and enhance operational efficiency without compromising occupant comfort.

About OTI
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